Sunday, July 1, 2001

SecuraChild Helps Parents Find Missing Children Faster

Seconds after parents upload a missing child report notifies network of social media websites and members to begin the search

LOS ANGELES, CA - Every 40 seconds someone’s son or daughter is reported missing, totaling 2,160 missing children a day or about 800,000 missing children in the United States each year. From the days of printing children’s faces on milk cartons and posting on highway electronic billboards the alert systems available to help locate missing children have gone hi-tech. SecuraChild   powered by  SecuraTrac is the latest advancement in these systems, combining the power of various social media networks, including Facebook and Twitter, with email and text message notifications whenever a child is reported missing through the site.

SecuraChild is entirely free for parents and guardians to use. An account can be created for any child with a minimum of important identifying information including: height, weight, hair color, and eye color. A parent can include other meaningful information including medical conditions, unique and descriptive features as well as posting images, videos and other content that could be used to help find their missing child quickly. The site is fully encrypted and each account is protected to ensure the security of all information. Also, parents can choose exactly what details they want to save on the profile that they create. If a parent’s son or daughter should ever go missing, the parent can quickly login to their account to provide basic details such as where the child was last seen, what the child was wearing, and where they may be going or ties to an area or community. SecuraChild then broadcasts the information and the child’s detailed portfolio to thousands via social networking sites, text messages and emails, creating a nearly instantaneous network of searchers.

In addition, when a missing child is reported, SecuraChild emails the parents a free PDF document that packages all of the stored information on the missing child. Parents can provide this document to law enforcement to expedite the process of registering their missing child with local law enforcement and the issuance of a traditional Amber Alert.

“If your child goes missing it is nearly, if not totally, impossible to remain calm,” said SecuraTrac CEO Chris Holbert. “Our mission in creating SecuraChild is to provide parents with a free, go-to service that they can access in an emergency to print out the vital information they need to provide law enforcement about their child. Details cannot be forgotten because of stress and panic this way. Also, unlike other services that exist today, SecuraChild is free for parents to use to create profiles for their children, and we broadcast the notification they send us when their child is missing to Facebook, Twitter and our members to create a vast network of searchers in seconds. By using SecuraChild parents can crowd source thousands of willing parents and child protection networks to mobilize a search party quickly as every minute counts. We recommend that parents also work with local law enforcement to report their child missing and to register for traditional Amber Alerts and provide ready-made information packets to facilitate that process. ”

Provide yourself with peace-of-mind and your child with an instant search party should he or she ever go missing. Sign-up today at

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