Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Double ear infections X's 2!

Agh, took the girls to the pediatrician yesterday to figure out this nasty virus that they both have. Turns out that if they were given an antibiotic LAST week all this no sleeping, double ear infection X's 2,boogie noses, and clingy-ness could have been prevented. Way to go Dr. we usually don't see! The more competent Dr. gave both girls Amoxicillian and Motrin and said come back in 2 weeks. So I guess that means they want more $$$ from us?! $50 last week, $50 yesterday and then $50 in 2 weeks. Folks, I'm not really good at math but shit that's $150 just too see the Dr. And I could have saved the $100 if we were just given the damn antibiotic last week. This kind of shit is what really gets my nerves going. Not to mention the tolls which is $1.20 and the gas. Our Ped. is about 1/2 hr away. I LOVE the practice that's why I travel the distance but damn.
Last night was the first dose and I must say both girls slept ALL night, thank the Lord! Today seems much better after dose 2. They both still have runny noses so we have been using LOTS of these
I absolutely LOVE them. I said I wasn't going to buy them when I fist saw them at Babies r Us but im so glad that I did. The girls like them and don't fight when I wipe their noses.

Now while they are napping I think I'm going to catch up on my own sleep..zzzzzzz

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