Friday, January 7, 2011

Is it a full moon??

My kids have been bouncing off the walls today and Im so gald that the smaller 2 are in bed already or I think I may have had to drink an entire bottle of moscato by myself! Peyton didnt nap and woke up early and Olivia napped but got up wayyy to damn early. TOTAL cranks the entire night!

Last month Olivia was diagnosed with a peanut allergy so I've been trying to find things that are not processed in/on/or contain trace amounts of peanuts. Let me tell you, this is HARD work. Almost everything our family likes is proccesed in/on/trace. I didn find that hersheys kisses are made in a seperate facility and contain NO trace of peanuts! and the hersheys chocolate baking chips too, plus they taste wayy better than Nestle, in my opinion. If anyone has any resources on peanut free stuff please pass it along. It takes me so long at the grocery store now because I have to read EVERYTHING.

We just opened up Peytons Step 2 Deluxe Nursery Center last night and its too cute. I love watching the girls with their "babies"

Its not as big as I thought (while thats a good thing in our tiny livingroom)but it will keep the girls entertained for hours!

T-minus 2 days till testing begins!!

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