Monday, January 31, 2011

Just Another Manic Monday..{insert chorus here}

{ this post is a ramble of sorts }

Weight Watcher Weigh In : 193.4 total lost this week is .6lbs. Are you freakin kidding me? I totally busted my ass this week, weighing and measuring EVERYTHING. Guess this means I just have to work harder this week.I just feel like I need to eat ready prepared meals so that I don't overeat. I try to buy the smart ones but I will only eat certain ones and eating Ziti marinara every other day is boring. I really should package my snacks into bags with the point amount but I'm too lazy. Anyone have any good tips for me?
  Mondays are always hard for me because my hubs goes back to work and I do everything alone. I like that he is the husband who actually does dishes,laundry,diapers,cleaning and usually anything else I ask of him.He even does baths, which consist of the 2 monkeys in the tub at the same time!!  I really got lucky with him. Don't get me wrong he has plenty of faults. But after talking with some of my girlfriends I realize that my hubs does a lot more than theirs.

  Branden has practice tonight 6:30 till 8 and the rush after school is enough to make anyone drink. homework, 2 monkeys running around, trying to make a decent dinner, eat, ready for practice, drop off, come home, get girls ready, watch Dora, pick up B. My life is routine, I could do it in my sleep.

I've been learning my camera after 4 years of having it. I have a Cannon Power shot S3 IS, any tips appreciated.

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