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I found this "letter" on the Promise Walk for Preeclampsia website. It really touches home.

Dear Santa…
December 14, 2010
This time of year, children all over write letters to Santa with their Christmas wishes.  I may be grown up, but “believing” is part of the season and here’s my Christmas letter to Santa.
Dear Santa.
This year for Christmas, I would like a cure for preeclampsia.  I hope to know what causes it and how not only I can prevent it from happening to me in the future, but how others can prevent it as well.
I wish for no more sick mommies and no more premature babies.
In 2011, I want more women to know the symptoms of preeclampsia so that they can recognize early the danger they may be in and seek treatment and care from a doctor who is equally aware of what to look for.
For those women and families who have already experienced fear, pain and loss because of preeclampsia, I ask for them to find strength and comfort from those who have walked a similar road.
My hope is that we’ll better understand the future health implications for both mothers and babies of preeclampsia related pregnancies.
Preeclampsia Survivor
All of these things are being worked on every day by the volunteers and staff of the Preeclampsia Foundation.  If you are looking for a way to be someone’s Santa this year, please consider a donation to the Preeclampsia Foundation through our Promise Walk.  You can make a general donation or attribute it to a nearby walk.
Every dollar you donate makes a difference.  We appreciate your support!
In May, right before Mother's Day I will be walking for myself and all other women who have had pre eclampsia in New Jersey. If you are in NJ and would like to join my team please leave a comment or if you would simply like to donate click the box on the right. Every penny counts.
I myself had pre-e during my second pregnancy. The whole pregnancy was a rough one. From day 1 I had severe hyperemisis( nausea/vomiting),lost 10lbs. When I finally started to feel great my world was SHATTERED.
Around 25 weeks I didn't feel right. Actually it started right after Easter in 2008. I had severe upper quadrant pain that wouldn't go away. 2 trip to my (incompetent) OB and she sent me for an ultrasound of my gallbladder. Turns out I had gallstones. Nothing they could do until I delivered. If my Dr would have been a little more knowledgeable she would have know that a lot of time pre-e is disguised as gallbladder attacks. I didn't know this then but I sure do now. Also, my blood pressure has always been on the higher side but they kept telling me it was "normal": Finally on March 30th,2008 I was in so much pain that I had my hubs take me to the ER. My blood pressure was 190/100! YIKES. I was immediately put in the triage area and waited. and waited. adm waited. FINALLY after what felt like 5 hours, it was actually 1 the nurse comes in my "room" . BP still high but they send me down the hall for an ultrasound to check baby and my gallbladder. Ultrasound done and they leave me on a frickin stretcher in the hall for almost 2 hours, can you friggin believe that? I could have had a damn stroke. Anyhow, I get back to my "room" and my OB comes in freaking out that I should have immediately been sent up to L&D. I get up there BP is even higher, so they give me magnesium sulfate. If you've ever been on that you know that your whole body feel like its burning from the inside out. HORRIBLE. That is something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. After getting checked out I'm transferred to St.Peter's University Hospital in N.Brunswick AHMAZING hospital.
I'm admitted and told I wasn't going home unitl I delivered, oh I was now 27 weeks.This was  Saturday, I delivered the next Tuesday.  Bp's get under control and I feel so much better. Dr.Edwin Guzman, who is such a wonderful high risk Dr. comes in tells me we prob wont deliver till next week. I call my hubby let him know and then the baby starts decelerating, Dr. comes back in and says "Were delivering now" I freak. Call hubby back and the rest is a blur. Our little miracle Peyton Elisabeth was born April 1,2008 weighing only 1lb 15 oz and was 13 in long.
Today my miracle is 2 1/2 and spunky as ever!
then 4.1.08
now 12.10.10

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