Thursday, January 20, 2011

Weight Watchers Day 3

Oh day 3! I was STARVING all day. no matter how much fruit, veggies, water I drank I just wasn't full.
I went just over my daily points.
Here's Day 3

2 cups coffee
3 tbsp sugar
1 banana

2 slices Arnold Dutch country whole grain bread
2 slices Land O Lakes White American Cheese
2 oz deli ham

1 cup Campbell's tomato soup
2 slices Arnold dutch county whole grain bread
2 slices Land O Lakes White American Cheese
2tbspn butter
HUGE salad ( no dressing tonight)

water 36 oz
8 Keebler toasted sesame crackers
1 oz Cabot reduced sharp cheddar
2 Gerber graduates animal crackers
1/2 cup blue bunny choc chip cookie dough
 Total points= 37  Points plus allowance used 7

I even got my fat ass on the Wii fit. I did about 40 minutes of step. It was pretty freaking fun and got me very motivated.
My problem is at night, I LOVE to snack in bed watching TV after the kids are in bed. I usually will save at least 5 points so I can have some ice cream or something I really want. I know you're not supposed to eat in bed, after 9, 3 hrs before bed etc but that is my quiet time where I can actually sit and enjoy what I'm eating.

I think this weekend I am going to take a before picture(AGHH and even post it on the Internet!!!!!) so that come July I can see how much better I look and feel about myself!

Here's to a brand new ME!

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DP said...

Good luck with your diet plans. Thanks for following! I'm following you back!

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