Monday, January 24, 2011

Weight Watchers Week 1 and 2 sick girls

This week was a rough one. I also had my "friend" so i wanted junk like you couldn't imagine. But I held it together and still managed to loose 1.2lbs! not a lot but it's a start. I did cheat horribly on Wednesday by eating TONS of white castle. I'm learning that I don't need an entire bowl of ice cream to be full, about 1/3 c is pretty filling actually. And I'm eating  ALOT more fruits and veggies. I have always eaten a lot of them but more so this week. With dinner every night I make a huge salad to go along with it. I will eat like 2-3 bowls and eat almost all of my dinner. some nights I can't even finish dinner. I'm still making sure I get enough protein, calcium and water into my diet though.
I'm changing recipes around to make it healthier for not just me but the whole family.
Tonight's dinner is Weight Watchers Yankee Pot Roast Dinner. Sounds super yummy and 1 serving of dinner is 10 points. I'm sure my whole meal will be around 13 including the dressing for my salad but I'm OK with that. I just have to learn to pace myself during the day and fill up more on the fresh stuff!

Branden had a Quad match on Sunday and my boy got his 3rd pin! Sadly, I don't have any pictures because I was home with 2 VERY sick little girls and my hubs didn't bring the camera..Ughhh, men!
Peyton started out Saturday with a very runny nose and fever. Saturday night she didn't sleep at all because she now had a major red throat. Sunday she seemed a bit better but now Olivia sounded like she had a frog in her throat. Plus a fever and runny nose. I was just at the Dr with the girls on Monday. she said they most likely had bronchitis but it was cleared up. UM HELLO, WHY ARE THEY STILL FRIGGIN SICK?
Sunday night was Olivia's turn to be up ALL night. This weekend has sucked big time. the girls haven't really been eating and hardly drinking. I keep pushing the fluids but they don't want it. I'm praying the Dr doesn't send us to the ER today. I have another appointment at 3:15 today. I swear they love to get my money. Last week was $50 in co pays and now today will be another $50 not to mention the gas and tolls. I LOVE our pediatrician but they are 1/2 hr away. I just want my girls to be back to normal. And I just want a full nights sleep!

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