Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Crazy Dog T-Shirt Review

               Crazy Dog T-Shirt Review

Pete at Crazy Dog Tshirts was kind enough to let me review any shirt from the site $16.99 and under. I let my husband pick this one. Here's what he choose. umm humm my thoughts exactly. This is the direct link to Camel Tow, just in case you need to get one for your hubs too!
Yep, he's a funny guy :)
You can find it under offensive tees 
The quality of the shirt is great. It arrived nice and soft and hubs wanted to wear it right away. He even took a picture of it with his cell and sent it to his man friends. Apparently this is a funny thing among guys.
I did wash it inside out as I usually do if a shirt has a graphic on it. It washed great and is still super soft.
Crazy Dog has so many different shirts it took me along time to go through them. Some extremely funny. They even have shirts for kids.
And Crazy Dog has the $6.99 Daily t-shirt special too!
Check out Crazy Dog I promise you won't be disappointed.

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