Monday, February 14, 2011

Fruit Squeezers

 I was offered the opportunity to review the Nickelodeon Fruit Squeezers. They are currently available in the applesauce version (Dora package) and berry version (Sponge Bob package). 100% fruit puree! There is no added sugar, they are high in vitamin c and super portable. There was no mess to clean up and I felt good giving them  a snack that was healthy and something they  wanted. When I buy snacks for the kids {I have 3} I always try to look for all natural products so this totally fit the bill. Too many products now have added everything. YUCK! 

Nutritional info for the Dora Applesauce

My 2 year old LOVES LOVES LOVES Dora so as soon as she saw the box she had to immediately try the "Dora sauce".  I was a little concerned that she may not like it due to the fact that just this week she had tried another variety of squeezy snacks {I'm not going to call them out}. She did not like the other brand at all. My 1 year old didn't either and quite frankly neither did I. However, she ate the entire "dora sauce" and asked for more. My son {9} enjoyed the Soponge Bob Berry Squeezer. He said it had a good taste and didnt taste funky {his words, not mine} I, myself tried the applesauce squeezer and found it quite enjoyable. No gross after taste. 
 They are sold in 4-packs for $2.99 and you can find them on, Target and Walgreens.  On  right now they have a pack of  60 for $47!! 
 Thank you to Nature’s Child for sending samples for review purposes.


CrazySimpleLife said...

We have SpongeBob lovers in this house! They would love these!

Martha said...

I'll have to look for them. I found some applesauce in a squeezer at Walmart but I hate shopping at Walmart! Hopefully my local Target has them.

SusieQTpies said...

These are great for kids and travel. Stop over at ThePRPLace and add this one under GROUPS and then FOOD! Great reviews over here!