Thursday, March 3, 2011

Camera Bags

Okay, since I got my beautiful Nikon D3100 I now need a camera bag. The one I had for my old Canon is way to small. Here's my dilemma. I DO NOT like those plain ole boring stand out camera bags.
I need some suggestions.
these are a few I have been scoping out.  This bag is beautiful and I LOVE it in teal.  This is beautiful too but I'm sure that since I just spent a small fortune on my camera that my hubs WILL divorce me if I purchase a camera bag for $250!!  This one I great! I do love handmade and it comes with a camera strap. At 79.99 it is a little more budget friendly.

Any other good suggestions out there for a DSLR camera bag that's not the "normal" bag?

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