Friday, March 4, 2011

Mammas got a new job!!

Selling Tupperware!!!

I figured that Hubs hasn't been working much and I wanted to get a "real" job but didn't want to pay for daycare for two kids under 3 and aftercare for my son that I would sell some Tupperware.  I have a thing for containers and storage and TRYING to get organized. What's the worst that could happen? I won't have any parties and fail? Well, then at least if I tried than that was all that mattered. So far I have 3 shows. My own
"Open House' to kick the business off and 2 additional shows this month. I am trying to book at least 3 shows per month right now. Im hoping to raise that goal as I get a bit more comfortable.

So, if anyone wants to order or book either an In home party or an online party and earn TONS of FREE Tupperware get in touch with my through my website and I'' be happy to help you get TONS of FREE stuff!

My Peyton has an obsession with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse lately and as soon as she saw these she freaked. Guess I know what I'll be purchasing!

Here's a few more examples of my favorite things so far!


Tupper Lorrie said...

I'm so excited to watch your business grow! You are gonna do great. Who doesn't love Tupperware?

Lindsey Muth said...

I'm so excited for you! You'll kick butt! I went to a tupperware party years ago and was powerless against it - they make the coolest stuff! My fave is this 1/2-a-tomato holder that looks like 1/2-a-tomato. GENIUS! Do they still make those?