Monday, March 14, 2011

A Promise Walk Valentine

A Promise Walk Valentine…

February 14, 2011 Roses are red,

Our intentions are true.

We’ll overcome preeclampsia

And HELLP syndrome too.

Did any of us think

Back at cupid’s first shot

A healthy pregnancy

Would be so hard sought?

As the old saying goes,

First often comes love,

Then perhaps marriage,

But it’s simply not right

Due to NICU or loss

Going home with an empty baby carriage.

The Promise Walks stride

To make cupid’s promise whole.

Healthy babies and mommies

Our one and perfect goal.

So put down that chocolate,

And set aside those roses.

Take a seat at that computer

And answer the question each of us poses.

How can we each end preeclampsia?

What can we do?

Feel empowered! Look in the mirror.

The answer is you!

Take a moment to register

It’s a strong, positive step.

Come walk with us please.

Help fulfill a Promise kept.

Come May, we’ll be heard

From far and from wide

We’ll honor those survivors

And remember those who have died.

So, this Valentine’s Day

Do something so sweet

Register, donate, maybe even tweet

These simple little things, they are the keys

Together, we’ll do it, we’ll end this awful disease.

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