Friday, May 20, 2011

Annie Wear Review and Giveaway

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing an adorable shirt from Annie Wear  for Peyton.
I was sent the Woof T-Shirt in long sleeves.
see how cute? Peyton ADORED it! Since we are an animal lover house, especially dogs this shirt is perfect for her. When it arrived I was expecting it to be hard like most shirts are when you first get them but it was soft and Peyton immediately wanted it on. surprisingly it didn't scratch her skin or irritate her. Usually I do wash clothes before letting the kids wear them but hey, she's 3, I'm not arguing anymore :)

Here's Annie Wears Story

Our family has always had a passion for animals: Dogs, cats, horses, parakeets, even hamsters and fish. Oddly enough, we always seemed to stumble upon these animals when we needed each other the most. Our pets have deeply touched and enhanced our lives.

So it’s not surprising that AnnieWear was inspired by a rescue puppy: a shy and sweet little stray from the rural countryside of West Virginia. My husband Bill and I fell in love with Annie as soon as we saw her.

Annie is our second rescue from Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue. She came to us so small and so scared, but with lots of love and attention, Annie has blossomed into a wonderfully happy and entertaining sweetheart. She brings a smile to everyone who meets her, especially our nephew Roland, who is also a major reason for the launch of AnnieWear. He was born around the time we adopted Annie and I had more fun shopping for gifts for him.

We created AnnieWear to offer the best selection of animal-themed baby and toddler clothing and gifts. We cater to people looking for a unique gift for a special occasion, something that will make their gift stand out and their gift recipient appreciative.

Our mission, and what makes AnnieWear so special, is that portions of all AnnieWear sales are donated to animal rescue programs around the country. Our goal is to create a way to give back to animals that so desperately need help. At AnnieWear, the more we sell, the more we can give.
We’re devoted to helping animals in need by offering high-quality, fun, and precious items that make great and special gifts for that exceptional baby or toddler in your life. We’ve limited our selection to the products we love the most—and hope you will, too! So when you watch your loved ones open that unique present you found at AnnieWear, you’ll also know you contributed to a great cause.

We thank you, as do all of the animals we help!
Laurene (Annie’s mom and Roland’s aunt) &
Pam (Sasha the cat’s mom, Peterson’s and Christian’s aunt)

Annie Wear also gives back:
Giving Back

The most rewarding aspect of AnnieWear is that portions of our sales are passed on to animal rescues. We actively search out those wonderful organizations who are struggling and our goal is to support them as much as we can.
It is the main reason we started AnnieWear. There are so many animals like Annie out there, who just want to bring happiness and joy to a family such as yours. They offer so much in return for a loving home.
So with every purchase, you can feel good that you have helped an animal in need through the support of animal rescues.

As we recently adopted my good friends dog so he didn't have to go to a shelter this makes me feel great about Annie Wear.

Annie Wear also has TONS of other products you can feel good about purchasing like this adorable footed pj

We give Annie Wear 2 Thumbs up!

And one lucky Party of 5 winner is going to win a shirt of their choice!!

Simple entries

1- visit Annie Wear and leave a comment telling me which other product you would love to try
2- follow me via gfc

GIVEAWAY ends on 6.4.11 @ 12pm EST!

* disclosure*
I was sent this product free of charge and all opinions are my own


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I visited the site. I think the "Tub Toss" Game would be cool to get. My grandkids LOVE to play in the tub.
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Love the watermelon dress for my toddler.
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