Friday, May 20, 2011

eFoods Global

eFoods Global is a premier food reserves company in Sandy, Utah. Our primary objective of "serve, save, share" is simple. SERVE eFoods' great products to friends and family, SAVE for the future and times of necessity, and SHARE with others through and Act of Kindness (AoK) to help them prepare.

Unlike other companies offering food storage that you put away for decades and never use, eFoods Global offers delicious food packaged in ways that is as practical to serve tonight as it is to save for years. This food is AWESOME! The texture is amazing and the flavor is out of this world! This is serious gourmet food, only for long term and short term reserves.

take the "FOOD FREEDOM TOUR" by going to
Viewers will receive 6 FREE MEALS, just for taking our Food Freedom Tour. They need to click on the large brown button at the top left of the website to start the tour.
Upon watching this video I felt relieved that there was a company who was able to help others who are in dire need of food. Noone wants to be hungry

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