Sunday, June 19, 2011

Beach Bear Cupcakes!! {and a link up}

My Son's birthday is this Saturday { double digits! YIKES} and since it's after school lets out for the summer we always make cupcakes to celebrate with his class. This year I found a SUPER cute idea that was so fun and easy to make!

Beach Bear Cupcakes

1 box of betty crocker rainbow chip  cake mix {and the eggs, water and oil}
bake as directed for cupcakes

Let cool
1 container of vanilla icing
1 sleeve of graham crackers finely crushed
1 package of gummy bears
5 fruit roll-ups {any color, we used red} cut into "towel" sizes
little drink umbrellas

We iced the cupcakes and sprinkled the graham crackers on each cupcake to look like sand. Then we added the fruit roll-ups and the gummy bears
here the bears are chilling on their "towels"

Next we added the umbrellas!

{now, i got this idea from a friend who got it from somewhere, you get the picture, so if this was your original idea let me know so I can give credit}
I absolutely LOVE how they came out. Plus I thought it was cute since were moving closer to the shore!

Finished product! so stinking cute!
Any other cute summer dessert ideas? Link them up here!

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