Tuesday, June 28, 2011

GoGo SqueeZ { Review }

I was sent GoGo SqueeZ to review with my kids. Of course Branden didn't want to participate so I had the help of Peyton and Olivia who were more than happy to help!
The girls tried the Apple Strawberry tonight and both LOVED it! gobbled it down like it was candy. I in turn had to give it a try and it was delicious. The Apple Strawberry GoGo SqueeZ is so yummy! I can taste the blackcurrant flavor and it really makes the applesauce stand out. 1 pouch contains 1 serving of fruit!! No added sugar and Kosher certified.

GoGo SqueeZ also comes in 5 yummmy flavors: AppleApple, AppleStrawberry, ApplePeach, AppleCinnamon,and AppleBanana.

The one draw back that I have is the top. While the other brands of squeezable applesauce's have larger choke proof caps, this one clearly does not as it states on its packaging. Not such a big deal because honestly who gives their kids the tops anyhow?

GoGo SqueeZ can be found at local retailers such as Walmart, Kings and Whole Foods. You can also purchase GoGo SqueeZ online at Amazon.com. A case of 48 GoGo SqueeZ will run you about $35 but it's so worth it for our family. My kids have always been big fruit eaters but GoGo SqueeZ fits nicely in my diaper bag and is easily transported! A quick and nutritious snack on the go.

Party of 5 HIGHLY recommends GoGo SqueeZ

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Sandy a la Mode said...

i just hung out with a 2 year old at a wedding last weekend and she drank one of these hee!!