Saturday, June 11, 2011

School's Almost Out

June 20th is Branden's last day of 4th grade, his last year at his current school and I am trying to find some fund, CHEAP  things to do with the kids while we are in the middle of packing and moving.

I joined the AMF bowling and we have yet to do that but will be once school gets out.
It's just hard when I have so much to pack to get ready for our move come August.
When the heat is extreme I won't leave the house { I may melt!! haha} so we do crafty things inside, but Branden will be 10 really soon and is getting bored of the typical crafty things. I'm trying to come up with something fun that he can do to decorate his new room.

I'm thinking of doing his room a Dallas Cowboys {he is a traitor, Mommas a JETS fan} stripes on 2 walls and the other 2 in the silver color! but to decorate I'm at a loss. Typical football stuff I know but I want something a little more personal.



MikiHope said...

Nope--how about some posters of his favorite players? Food Luck with your move!!
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Michele aka MikiHope

Delaney said...

You could do a custom headboard using fabric that has a solid color and then add his name on it using Cowboys fabric.

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Tiff said...

Newest follower from say hi Sunday! Hope you are having a great weekend.. And good luck with the theme..

Meryl said...

Nice meeting you! Packing and moving is such a challenge! ANd entertaining the kids makes it doubly challenging. When we moved, my mom came up and helped distract them. Good luck. I look forward to following your move and learning more.

AMY said...

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Nita Davis said...

Good luck with the move, it is never fun to do and even less fun with young children. Maybe you could go to a thrift store or yard sales and look for old sports magazines and then let Branden cut out and create some sport collages on poster board to then frame and hang in his room. Stopped by from Say Hi Sunday, now following.

The Mommy Therapy said...

We are already into summer here and we just made an expensive trip to hobby Lobby to try to find things to occupy my two older boys this summer because it is definitely too hot here in Texas for outdoor play...unless it's in water.

I found old pictures of sports figures and cut them out, put them on black paper and framed them. I think it looks pretty cool, like the sports figures are in action.

Decorating is fun for the kids rooms. Good luck!

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Ashley said...

Hey darlin'! Im following you back! Have a wonderful night!
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