Saturday, July 16, 2011

Arctic Zero Review

I recently had the opportunity to review Arctic Zero products with my family, minus Olivia due to her peanut allergy. 

They came packaged in dry ice and lasted in the box for about 10 hours before I put them in my freezer.
{ they were not mushy or anything I just needed my counter back}

I was sent one pint  of each of the chocolate,pumpkin pie spice, chocolate peanut butter, vanilla maple, coffee, cookies and cream, mint chocolate cookie,and strawberry banana.

Plus 1 package each of the new 85 calorie bars. One box contained 2 chocolate and 2 vanilla and the other box contained 2 strawberry and 2 orange cream.

My favorite was the chocolate! so delicious!

85 calories per bar and honestly filling.

now to the pints. Oh my! I don't have a favorite here because they were all just too yummy.

Here's a bit about Arctic Zero

At Arctic Zero®, we love ice cream. We've always loved ice cream. But we hated the fact that everyone who loves it pays for the fun in the worst possible way: compromising your health. Nothing else on the market came close to offering both great taste and demonstrated health benefits, so we had to invent a great-tasting dessert that did. That's how Arctic Zero® was born. Arctic Zero® was developed to provide the health benefits, nutrition, and the taste that all of us want. It's a frozen protein shake that satisfies your ice cream craving. Arctic Zero® has created and brought to market one of the lowest calorie soft serve products, Carbawhey®, several years ago. Now they have taken their idea a step further. They have created a "super dessert"--a product that provides top nutrition, has no drawbacks, and appeals to everyone who wants a frozen dessert experience that's actually good for them. But as they say on TV, wait there's more: Arctic Zero® also targets the childhood obesity epidemic that has become a major health concern among U.S. kids. Doctors praise it. Celebrities love it. We don't claim it can make the blind see and the lame walk, but they'll certainly be able to eat healthier while enjoying a sweeter life.

I really have to say that even though it's not ice cream per say it's very filling and totally satisfies that ice cream craving.

You can purchase Arctic Zero at most Whole Foods locations or purchase off of!

You can also find Arctic Zero on Facebook and Twitter!

** I was sent this product to review with my family. All opinions are my own**

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