Monday, July 11, 2011

Bed Star Double Bunk Beds

As most of the world knows already, we just bought our first house! However it only has 3 bedrooms so the girls are going to be sharing a room again, and the new bedroom is much smaller than their old one.
I'm trying to convince my hubs that we need to get the girls double bunk beds! He is not easily convinced as I convinced him to purchase 4 in 1 cribs for the girls!!

I am totally in love with this one! I love the fact that it has a trundle bed underneath so when the girls get a bit bigger they can have a place for a friend to sleep!
This double bunk bed can be found here:

In our new house we have an In-Law suite { mom and Peggy, don't get any ideas} so we are also searching for a guest bed to put in our basement.
I found the bed pictured above and it is perfect! It can be found here also has sofa beds! Which I want for the basement to go along with the guest bed.

This is perfect. Dark color so it wont show the kids spills or dirty hand prints yet it matches our style! Can be found here

Now I'm off to convince the Hubs that these are what we need!!

**This post is in association with Bedstar**


work at home data entry said...

Bunk beds are great, I hope I can have one for my kid. I won't have second thought for saving. I'ts worth saving for.

bella said...

we are offering white twin bunk beds check it out. thank u guys :)