Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Upon browsing the internet for kids toys I stumbled upon ebeanstalk.com. My kids ages range from 10 years old -19 months so if I can find a one stop shopping site Im all over it! Especially at the holidays since for myself I do a majority of holiday shopping online.

I love the fact that Toys are categorized by age and sex, it makes it much easier for me to shop. ebeanstalk also has a top categories section. As a busy mom of 3 I like to be able to shop online as quickly as possible.

We have a first birthday in our family coming up so I will be shopping for a 1 year old again.
This here is my favorite gift!

We have a similar sand and water table and the girls love it. It's the first toy they play with when we get outside.

Fun 1 year old gifts:

My kids LOVE books, all 3 of them so at each holiday Hubs and I try to include a book as part of their gift.
In our house we love Eric Carle books. So colorful and fun to read. One of our favorites is Brown Bear.

Do you have a favorite Eric Carle book?

And the best is free shipping over $75, which we all know is super easy to spend on toys for our kids, especially if the are educational.
If you have kids,grandkids are an aunt or uncle check out ebeanstalk.com I can promise you will find everything you are looking for!

 You can find Popular kid’s toys on ebeanstalk.com as well!

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