Thursday, July 28, 2011

Liberty Science Center Review { GIVEAWAY }

Oh me, oh my! My kids, mother and myself recently had the amazing opportunity to go to Liberty Science Center!

Liberty Science Center is located at:

Liberty State Park
222 Jersey City Boulevard
Jersey City, NJ 07305

{ if you are using your GPS use the old address or you'll drive in circles like I did!!}

From my house to Liberty Science Center it took about 30min. I left after rush hour traffic and it was smooth sailing, until I failed to read the driving directions completely and drove in circles!!

For this review i;m going to do something a little different:
Take a look at the amazing things the kids got to do on our trip to Liberty Science Center!

Ticket prices can be found HERE:

This is the 3-D show we saw! it was really good and informative. Peyton didn't like the 3-D part


Peytons favorite area!

soo gross!!




Touch Tunnel! Peyton went in like a champ! too bad we came out the enterance!!




So, what did you think of our day? It was so amazing! The kids learned lots and Peyton really enjoyed the Rice Table! That was her favorite part! I honestly can say that the kids and I had a great time and everyone was well behaved. Well, there was that one time when Peyton ran back up the stairs but hey, she's 3!!

I'm pretty sure that the kids and i will be going back again very soon. This time with the Hubs and Olivia. even if Hubs has to take Branden to do the big kid stuff and the girls and I stay at the Rice Table we'll be ok!! And a trip to the bubbles and reptiles, insects, etc!

I'm so thrilled that I was given this wonderful opportunity and I'm very thrilled to offer ONE super duper lucky Party of 5 reader the chance to win a pair of exhibit tickets!!

Here's what you have to do:
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1 comment:

MissKScience said...

I'd loveeeee to win these tickets for a ca-jillion (ok I know that its not a real word but, I use it) reasons. I have always loved LSC and enjoyed going there with my family and classmates as a young child. I have been itching to go back since the recent renovation done a few years ago.

Now as a bonafide science teacher, I know that a visit to LSC would be awesome for me to get ideas for the upcoming school year. Some of the shows/exhibits that I would love to visit are "Born to Be Wild" because I love the premise for the story. I would also like to visit "Infection Connection" because I loved teaching about immunology to my HS students. "Eat or be Eaten" and "Our Hudson Home", along with "What's in your Water?" and lastly, "Sub Zero" are all related to subjects that I will be teaching this coming year. I am so excited to be starting this year off and would love to walk in with tons of fresh ideas and memories from the exhibits.

I can't forget to mention the touch tunnel. I loved that as a kid and was devastated when someone told me that they had done away with it after the renovation. Anyway- I'm glad its back, and I really really really want to go in it again and relive some childhood memories (and a little bit of that "i'm in complete darkness fears".