Monday, July 11, 2011

Working Mums

   I recently came across a website that has all sorts of featured jobs, top employers, franchise information, full time jobs, part time jobs, work at home jobs, etc.

I have been considering going back to work somehow after we move. I have been out of the work force since 2007. These past 4 years seem like an eternity. In those 4 years we've had a marriage{ours} and 2 more children and have managed to finally purchase our first home!!

While this site is based in the UK I find myself wishing that the US had a great site like this.
Here's an example:

Oriflame Cosmetics - Consultants and Managers (team leaders) required (Job #2877186)

Company Name: Oriflame Cosmetics
Sector: Sales
Job Location: Homeworking
Job Type: Any (Permanent)
Weekly Hours: 5-10 {PERFECT FOR ME}
Salary: £50 to £200 + per week
Working Pattern: Flexible

Wait, it gets better, you can take your kids along too! This would be perfect for me because my girls are only 3 and 19 months!

Work in your local area - take the kids along too! (Job #2875656)

Company Name: Home Jobs
Sector: Retail
Job Location: Homeworking
Job Type: Part-time (Permanent)
Weekly Hours: 10-15
Salary: £50+ per week, based on performance
Working Pattern: Flexible

We really need a great site like this for the US.

In the Franchise Zone Get advice and guidance on choosing the right franchise to invest in. Seminars will be held in the evening in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds etc.
They have over 50 franchise opportunities to choose from.

One of my favorites is the Party Pixies. My girls would be in heaven! This is the case study that's listed:

Hi, I’m Paula and I created the Party Pixies over 6 years ago after my 2nd son arrived on the scene. My idea was to develop a part-time business that was fun and enjoyable; and gave me extra money for those little luxuries that I so enjoy. I never imagined at my first party that the business would grow so fast, to the point that people would want to take the ‘Party Pixies’ blueprint and recreate their own fun business. Of course it wasn’t all plain sailing; we had many challenges to overcome along the way as we worked to perfect our product and service for both Mum and child.

Before Party Pixies became a reality I spent many years working in the Beauty Industry as a makeup artist doing photo shoots, weddings and individual make-over’s. I also trained many consultants. After my first son was born, I continued as a makeup artist, juggling work and family time just like every other working mum.

Although I didn’t realise it at the time, it was at my son’s birthday party when Party Pixies first flickered into life. With so few party options for boys, I decided to do it myself at home – how hard could it really be? I organised a themed ‘Pirate and Pixie’ party, twelve of his friends were invited and I got out my makeup kit painting faces and adding sparkle to the party. The children had a ball and went home with a themed party bag. I was amazed at the number of Mums who called the next day to tell me how much fun their children had and asked if I would be interested in organising their next party.

The Party Pixies idea evolved and was finally launched in September 2005, travelling from house to house delivering magical makeover parties. To spread the word and promote the parties we decided to get out and meet people, taking stalls in shopping centres, attending school fairs and family events. Adding new party themes and creating our own range of quality cosmetics has filled the past 6 years. Our most successful marketing tool continues to be the children who we create the magic for.

Hope to see you soon
Paula Bradley

Queen Pixie

Franchise zone had photography, perinatal yoga, music and all sorts of amazing things for kids and parents.

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