Thursday, August 25, 2011

KAOS Nemesis Review




The KAOS Nemesis is a water balloon launcher that lets kids engage in serious water balloon battles—a time-honored summer tradition. It's easy to fill up the balloons and throw them.

The KAOS Nemesis sort of resembles a lacrosse stick, and balloons are launched in a way similar to that of lacrosse players except that you have the option to use just one hand to throw.

The filled balloon rests in the top of the KAOS Nemesis, which is a cup. Hold the Nemesis by the grip handle and hurl the water balloon toward your opponent. The KAOS Nemesis can launch balloons up to 100 feet, depending on the strength of your arm.

One KAOS Nemesis water balloon launcher comes with 50 textured water balloons and one deluxe water filler. (If you want to have a real water balloon battle, you'll need to buy two sets so you have two KAOS Nemesis launchers.)

ages 8 and up. $14.99 { can be found at toys r us, walmart,,etc}

We had a blast with this. A Great toy for those summer days spent outside!

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** I was sent this product to review with my family. All opinions are my own**

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