Sunday, August 7, 2011

Refreshing Summer Iced Teas from Keurig

Oh was I in heaven when I was sent 2 boxes of iced tea K-Cups  to use in my Keurig!

Our Keurig is the best appliance we ever purchased. We can have regular coffee, decaf coffee, hot cocoa, hot cider, iced teas, hot teas and iced coffees in a push of a button. No need to leave our house with 3 kids in tow. Not to mention the $$ we save not going to Dunkin Donuts all the time!

I received 1 box of the Half and Half Black Perfect Iced Tea and 1 box of the Sweet Tropical Breeze White Iced Tea


The Half and Half iced Tea is so yummy and has a great lemon taste thanks to True Lemon! I only needed to add a small amount of sugar to this.

The Sweet Tropical Breeze White Tea is so refreshing, especially on a hot summer day. I swear I've drank about 10 glasses since the box arrived. I needed NO additional sugar at all.

In fact as I'm sitting at the computer I am drinking the Sweet Tropical Breeze White Tea. I can't seem to get enough of it!

My favorite thing about Keurig is that when you order $45 you automatically get free shipping. I always make sure that when I place my order enough for free shipping.

And when you purchase your new brewer you can sign up for member benefits

Your first purchase qualifies you for an immediate 10% savings on K-Cup® portion packs. When you create an account, you earn 1 point for every K-Cup® you purchase. Your available points are redeemable for 50% off a selection of fun accessories and brewers!!

** I was sent this product to review with my family. All opinions are my own**

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