Saturday, September 10, 2011

#digestivehealth Member's Mark 4x Probiotic { week 2 }

Certain foods such as coffee, dairy, and alcohol almost always trigger an episode. I cannot live without my morning { and sometimes evening coffee}. It's a price that I pay to drink coffee as I do but without watch out! I started taking Member's Mark 4x Probiotic on a Friday and I'm being honest that by Monday I didn't have the urgency to rush to the bathroom after my morning coffee. I am currently on week two & I am feeling better then I have ever felt before. I started having one, normal BM a day within four days of taking Member's Mark & the urgency to constantly have to go within seconds of eating has subsided. I have progressively been getting better with each day-with only some bloating the first several days. In the past 2 weeks, I only had one flare up & many of my trigger foods have caused me no trouble. WHOO HOO!!! AWESOMESAUCE right here folks!

I really was skeptical { and honestly my problems aren't nearly as bad as others I know} but it worked and I really feel better about eating those trigger foods, especially coffee and wine!

My middle daughter has many bathroom issues and we are trying to figure out how to help. I will be asking if a probiotic such as Member's Mark may help her.

I love that in each box the caplets are in a weeks supply. easy to slip into a purse or diaper bag.
I take mine in the morning when I give my son and the dog their meds and the kids vitamins.  This was everyone is taking their stuff and no one gets forgotten.

I'm going to continue to take Member's Mark 4x Probiotic to stay regular and so that I can function as a "normal" adult. I will update as to what my pediatric gastro has to say about probiotics for toddlers.

I purchased Member's Mark 4x Probiotic at Sam's Club
Learn more about Member's Mark Probiotics here :

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