Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'm still here....

Sorry guys, I'm still here I just have had ALOT going on lately. Trying to get the new house together and the kids rooms situated. We { more like I } decided the girls should have their own rooms and Branden will have the room that was intended as the playroom. Mind you just the basics are done. I still need to decorate.

We made a playroom downstairs for the girls and finished it this past weekend.

All that in between running back and forth up north and sports I haven't really had a single second of spare time and if I did I spent it on the couch!

I will be back up and picking winners and posting new AWESOME giveaways VERY soon!!

Here's some pics of what's been keeping me away.....

waiting for paint!{ this is Branden's room now}
playroom in the basement

love that paneling

carpet tiles and some paint make a world of difference
took down the paneling in what was going to be Branden's room, put up Sheetrock, painted a coat of paint and I decided girls needed their own rooms. back to painting....
getting ready to hang Olivia's fan
hanging the fan

with just some toys in here. now the room is full!!

This is just a few of the projects we have been working on.

I promise Ill be back next week!!

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