Sunday, September 4, 2011

Smiley Cookies Review

I have been hearing such gret things about Smiley Cookie I had to contact them about a review.
The fact that Smiley Cookies are made in a peanut-free and tree-nut free facility. No peanuts, tree nuts, or nuts of any kind ever enter their bakery. They also ensure that our ingredients are not produced in facilities that process nuts. This is a HUGE thing for us since Olivia is allergic to peanuts and since she is only almost 2 we were advised to hold off on all nuts until repeat testing at 3.

Our cookies do contain Wheat, Egg, Soy, and Dairy ingredients.
The Orthodox Union supervises our production and certifies that all of our cookie gifts are Kosher Dairy.

The Original Smiley Cookie

Made fresh daily by our devoted bakers, who rise with the sun (that’s the way they roll), to measure, mix, cut and bake batch after batch, our Smiley Sugar Cookies are carefully fashioned to reach their deliciously sweet potential with only the best sugar, flour and butter, plus a touch of elbow grease (not really) and a lot of love.
Once the baking and cooling is done, the artistry has just begun (there’s a certain poetry to baking, you know). With a flourish that never fails to delight, our bakers then brandish their finest decorative demeanor and set about hand icing each cookie with our signature smile … go ahead, take a moment here.

The Famous Smiley Cookie Face
Like masters who never tire of the defining stoke, they deftly apply the famous face to our Sugar Smiley Cookies, which transcends language to express undying love, true friendship, charity, team spirit, congratulations, good will, good taste and a host of other ridiculously lovely sentiments we can’t go into right now because we get all emotional, which flies in the face of the smile we honor — and that whole gushy tear thing tends to mess up the icing, too.
But have no fear. We are pillars of self-control. We have to be.
Then our fresh-baked Smiley Face Cookies are delicately packaged and shipped right to you, in a variety of face colors — red, green and blue - which can even be customized if you got something in mind, just click here to tell us what kind. Its never been easier to order birthday cookies online!

Smiley Cookies are so yummy! As seen below!
please dont mind the boxes, this was day 2 of the move in

The cookies I was sent sell for $13.99 which isn't a bad price for us considering the great NUT FREE facility they have!

Have to say we give Smiley Cookie 5 smiles! {thats one for each person in our house}

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