Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Getting the kids involved in all of my fall fun decorating!

Guest post written by Taylor Stewart

My kids are definitely involved in just about everything that I do around the household. Or at least that's the way that they would like for it to be! Now not everything, like mopping the floor, is really appropriate for them to help me with. But I let them help me out of some fo the more fun stuff, like decorating our house for holidays. We're really big fans of fall and Halloween specifically around our household and we like to take advantage of that fun that can be had with a few spooky decorations.

However, this year I decided to put up some plain fall decorations too so that I could leave those up even after Halloween. I looekd onlien with our clear internet service about some easy ways to make some of them and came up with some pretty good ideas.

I talked my kids into making a hand turkey garland to hang up in our dining room, along with a pumpkin garlnd. It may be a little early for hand turkeys, but it was such a great idea and they were so excited about it that I just simply went with it.

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