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Guylian~ The World's First Belgian Chocolate { GIVEAWAY }

Guy Foubert - born in 1938 in Sint-Niklaas - was a passionate Belgian chocolatier making handmade chocolate truffles.

The story of Chocolaterie Guylian began in the late 1950’s with the marriage of Guy Foubert and Liliane. Guy and Liliane joined their names in our company name: Chocolaterie Guy-lian. Guy soon realised that the world was ready for something totally new. On which the young couple created for the first time chocolates in the shape of seashells. Guy developed the recipe of our signature hazelnut praliné filling; Lilliane added the artistic touch by designing the shining marbled look and the delicately sculptured shapes. A true love story of romance and chocolate.
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I was sent an AWESOME array of chocolates!
My Hubs couldn't wait to dig in! He is one of the HUGEST chocolate lovers I know. Especially dark chocolate.
Here's what my box contained:
These worked perfect since my parents are both diabetic, although my mom likes to pretend she isn't.
She said the Milk Chocolate was really creamy and yummy. She would most definitely purchase these. My dad had brought her home another sugar free brand and she said it was horrible.
Since she is more of a Milk Chocolate kind of girl, my dad had the Dark Chocolate. Same response. Creamy and MUCH better than the leading sugar free brands out there! { I know a great stocking stuffer for both of them now :) }
Reduce your sugar intake whilst still enjoying a pleasant sweet taste with Guylian’s No Added Sugar Bars. Never before has a low sugar chocolate bar offered such a great taste!

Guylian bars guarantee you the same delicious taste as regular premium Belgian chocolate bars because they are made with Maltitol, a healthy alternative to sugar. Maltitol is a 100% natural product derived from natural cereals. It has fewer calories than sugar, does not promote tooth decay, and could slightly raise the blood sugar, making the bars also suitable for diabetics. Blind tests have even proven that people do not notice a difference in taste, contrary to other reduced calorie sweeteners. { source }

1 box of Sea Shells Extra Dark
And as you can see, I couldn't get a nice picture because Hubs dug right in!

He loves the creaminess of Guylian Belgian Chocolate
Extra dark, extra indulgence, extra desire...

Dark chocolate lovers will enjoy treating themselves to Guylian’s Sea Shells Extra Dark as they are made from 74% extra dark Belgian Chocolate. Discover this new delicacy filled with a delicious dark hazelnut praliné made in the age old traditional manner.

Experience the intense taste and long aftertaste, awarded an internationally renowned 3 Stars Superior Taste Award.

1 Box of Sea Horses and a bunch of 2 pack boxes of the Sea Horses

these are my favorite! The creaminess,the hazelnut and the praline,um to die for. Not to mention that the seahorses are a MIX of white chocolate, dark chocolate and milk chocolate! Talk about heaven!

Get seduced by beautiful marbled and wonderful shaped Guylian Sea Horses. Discover our range featuring only chocolate Seahorses, the most popular shape in our Sea Shell collection.

The marbled and milk chocolate seahorses are filled with our unique hazelnut praliné with finely ground hazelnuts to create the ultimate chocolate experience.

Guylian also sponsors Project Seahorse
About Project Seahorse

Why Seahorses?

When Guylian was founded, we distinguished ourselves by creating chocolates in the shape of sea shells and seahorses. Now we’re giving something back to the world and the environment by sponsoring Project Seahorse.
Project Seahorse’s work entails much more than just saving the seahorse. Seahorses are flagship species for a wide range of marine conservation issues. For example, by ensuring their work on clean seas benefits all wildlife.

What is Project Seahorse?

Project Seahorse is dedicated to conserving seahorses and other marine life across the world. Project Seahorse was established in 1996 in response to the growing danger to seahorses from overfishing, incidental catch and the destruction of coastal marine habitats. More than 25 million seahorses - both dead and alive - are traded globally each year. The vast majority are used in traditional medicines, however aquariums and the souvenir trade have put heavy pressure on the species.

Project Seahorse envisions a world in which the marine ecosystems are healthy and well-managed. It is an interdisciplinary and international organisation committed to conservation and sustainable use of the world’s coastal marine ecosystems.
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Guylian donates an annual fee to Project Seahorse, donating over CAD$ 1,5 Million since 1999. Besides this financial contribution, we help raise awareness around the world by targeted outreach activities, such as seahorse photo competitions & exhibitions, school education programs, sampling, & promotion activities. We also include clear conservation messages on the Guylian chocolate boxes, selling more than 14 million each year!

Discover all about Project Seahorse on

So not only do Guylian Belgian Chocolates taste absolutely yummy and donate for a great cause, they have also offered ONE lucky Party of 5 reader an awesome gift box like mine!

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Tara Oliver said...

wow, those sea horses look awfully good......I'd have to say those! this looks like a great company. thank you for the review and giveaway!

latanya said...

La Perlina truffles

Kim said...

Extra dark seashells!!

Debra said...

I'm in chocolate overload just from reading this post! I couldn't decide which one I'd eat first....truffles, seashells or maybe the sea horses first! Yum!

Karin said...

The sea horses sound yummy.
Hazelnut praliné with finely ground hazelnuts and chocolate- Mmmmm! Who could resist?!

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Extra dark sea shells.
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I'd like to try the Guylian Sea Horses
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Charlene Canfield said...
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Charlene Canfield said...

They look so yummy!
I would like to try the praline.