Friday, December 23, 2011

A Holiday Treat You Can’t Put Down!

A Holiday Treat You Can’t Put Down!

Appy Holidays and an Appy New Year with Present Hunt!

Minneapolis, Minnesota – December 23, 2011 – Zivix LLC has released its latest mobile app, “Present Hunt” just in time for Christmas. The app a is highly addictive hidden object game built around fast-paced arcade action. Players have one minute to swipe, drag and drop as many presents as they can find into Santa's gift bag. It’s never the same game twice as the presents are randomly hidden for a different play experience every time with no limit to how many you can find.

“Present Hunt is the perfect time sapper for this Holiday season - it’s amazing to see friends and family pass it around collecting, gathering and going for the high score,” said Chad Koehler, VP of Studios, Zivix, LLC. “We also spared no expense leveraging our strong musical background to provide four brand new classic holiday tunes that provide an exciting and festive experience.”

The second best part is that for only $0.99, players can explore seven unique holiday-themed levels which provide great high-score chasing replay value. Zivix plans to continue to support the app by releasing updates and extending the, “Hunt” franchise with future hidden object arcade games.

Check it out here on iOS: App Store - Present Hunt

And here for Android: Android Marketplace – Present Hunt

Look for the Present Hunt soundtrack on iTunes.

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About Zivix

Zivix, LLC combines innovation, technology and entertainment through gaming software and music peripherals. Based in Minneapolis, MN Zivix is an entertainment software developer and publisher that has also created a patented finger-sensing technology that enables a new generation of digital guitars. Our core mission is to combine the experience of playing an instrument and real musical interaction through accessible, fun and rewarding products for everyone.

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