Friday, January 6, 2012

6 Days

6 days, thats how long Branden,Peyton,Olivia and myself have been sick.
The congestion,cough,sneezing,runny noses and aches have struck our house with a vengence.
As usual Hubs didnt get sick. I dont know how he does it but he never gets sick. Lucky dog.

Anyhow , thats the reason for my absence lately. Well that and the Holidays kept me away.

I have some great giveaways coming up along with some great guest posts.
If you would like to guest post and have a funny story about your kiddos please email me at:
Mommyinnj at gmail dot com

For now I will be parked on my couch with my tea and my kiddos!

1 comment:

Tara Oliver said...

awww so sorry you've all been sick!! I sure you are almost over it. it stinks to be sick. :( get better!!