Monday, January 30, 2012

Shave Well Mirror Review & { GIVEAWAY ]

About The Shave Well Fog Free shower mirror:

The Shave Well Company fog free shaving mirror is a result of trying to use a number of so-called fog free shower shave mirrors over the years and never being satisfied.

Upon receiving The Shave Well Mirror I immediately noticed that my hubs needed to shave, BADLY! He looked like a grizzly bear!

It was super easy to set up:

1. Remove the protective coating beneath sticker. The mirror was super clear.

2. Make sure the area you plan to stick the hook is clean and dry. { good thing I just cleaned the bathroom }
When placing the hook we had to make sure to apple lots of pressure for about 20 seconds so that it stuck real good. We then had to let the adhesive "set" for about 24hrs before hanging the mirror.

3. To get a truly fog free reflection with the Shave Well Mirror, my hubs held it under the shower steam for a few.

What is fog and why does it happen?
Fog is simply condensation. Shower water is much warmer than air temperature of homes. The warm shower heats the air and it becomes saturated. The warm moist air becomes fog which will collect on all cooler surfaces such as mirrors.

How is the Shave Well Mirror truly fog free?
The Shave Well Company shower shaving mirror is fog free simply be the design. In the few seconds you hold it under the shower spray the temperature of the moist air and the mirror equalize to create long lasting, truly fog free image for the duration of your shower. No more fog.

4. To clean the mirror, toothpaste works the best to remove water spots. Rib it on and rinse it of. Washing with toothpaste will virtually eliminate any residual water droplets for the surface of the mirror.

So my review of the Shave Well fog Free Mirror is simple:
It's awesome! My hubs can now shave in the shower and I don't have to worry about finding all those whisker hairs all over my bathroom counter anymore!

He also loves it because his skin is a little more softer and makes it a bit easier for him to shave.

This would be a great gift for dads,uncles, grandfathers,cousins,etc. Great for Father's Day, Grandparent's day, and Birthdays!

You can purchase The Shave Well Fog Free Mirror on their  website for $9.99 OR you can enter to win one of your own!!

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Vanessa Coker said...

For my husband ! he shaves his head bald in the shower with no mirror !!!
vnsscarv [!at]gmail [!dot]com

Toystory said...

I think I would give this to my son to encourage to shave more often!
1prizewinner at gmail dot com