Thursday, March 8, 2012

Coddlelife Bloem Drying Rack Review { GIVEAWAY }


As a parent and like many others, Anson Lam wants the best for his children. When his second child suffered terribly from colic and frequent ear infections, he and his wife tried many products to help their baby daughter. Losing sleep at night became overwhelming and no one in their family was able to get much rest. Trying to get their little one to burp and spit up to reduce the air in her belly led to more discomfort because doing so brought up uncomfortable tummy acids which burned her little throat.
It was only after using a fully-vented bottle that eliminated the ingestion of air along with milk that their baby girl started to show significant reduction in colic and ear infection. The product they used worked well, but there were too many separate parts to clean and sterilize. This is when he realized that a simpler, improved bottle with less parts and easierto clean was what he and other parents needed.
At the same time Anson and his wife were confronted with their baby experiencing the discomforts of colic, consumer awareness about suspected harmful BPA, potentially hazardous ink and phthalates in infant products also became a growing concern. Nearly all baby feeding products were made of polycarbonate plastic which were clear and pretty, but not necessarily the best for heating and use in feeding babies.
It was at this time that Anson and his wife decided to create Coddlelife bottles with a one-piece venting nipple system made of either high quality glass or polypropylene plastic (PP). Both glass and polypropylene are considered much safer than polycarbonate material which had been the standard up until then.
Coddlelife products are BPA free, contain no potentially toxic ink, are affordable and of high-quality. The bottles are designed with the latest nipple venting technology to reduce colic, ear infections, burping and spit up. While other bottles on the market may reduce colic, Coddlelife’s award-winning, patented system is the only fully-vented nipple system that vents air and contains the fewest parts to clean and sterilize.
With Coddlelife, there are no parts that require replacement like costly disposables or separate parts that may become lost or broken with frequent cleaning and sterilizing. Parents now have an alternative to traditional vented bottles with Coddlelife’s one-piece, easy to clean nipple venting system; a safe, effectively vented nipple system that also saves time and money.
Founded in 2009, Coddlelife continues to expand making high quality feeding products. It is the response and feedback from moms and dads that move us forward. It is their experience, their ideas, their wants and needs that keep us looking at ways to make the parenting experience easy, fun and safe.

I was sent the Bloem Drying Rack to test out. While I don't have babies with bottles anymore I do have toddlers with sippy cups. Toddlers with sippy cups are almost as much of a pain as babies with bottles. With the Bloem Drying Rack you can easliy hold 12 Bottles, Nipples and Collars or in my case 7 sippy cups, tops and those stoppers.

You also can use the little holes on the top for the straws or utensils. I use ours for the sippy cup straws.

The inspiration for our Drying Rack comes from a flower in full "Bloom"

Simply unfolds into a "Bloom" position. No assembly required.Simply fit bottles, nipple and collars on the Bloem sticks.

The Bloem Drying Rack really is that simple to use.
Just open the box, take out the rack and it just unfolds itself.

The Bloem Drying Rack is BPA FREE and retails for $17.99 which you can order from Coddlelife itself or from select retailers.

ONE lucky Party of 5 reader is going to win their very own Bloem Drying Rack!

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Tara Oliver said...

I use the vented bottles, too, and I usually just lay them on a towel to dry after I wash them. but it doesn't get all the water out all the time, so I love that it fits the bottle parts perfectly and stores so small!!

Vanessa Coker said...

I like the it folds back neatly so it can be easily tucked away when not in use :)

Nancy's Couture said...

I like that it fold up for easy storage.So it doesn't take up a lot of space like most baby things

Kimberly said...

I love that it folds up so tiny. I also love that it matches my Boon lawn drying rack, which is nice for flat pieces, but not so good for bottles. I think the two together would fit our needs perfectly.
kirbycolby at gmail dot com