Monday, March 26, 2012

My FIRST week on Nutrisystem #NSNation

This week I started my journey with Nutrisystem. I will admit at first I was really scared after my delivery arrived. I wasn't quite sure I could eat the Nutrisystem food. It comes all pre packaged even dinners, that don't have to be refrigerated! This was really strange to me, but I'm giving this my all.

Day 1: I clearly remember day 1 { the others are a blur, we've been super busy }
Breakfast: Veggie Scramble, which I'm sure would taste better if I would have really followed directions when microwaving it and not getting everyone Else's breakfast ready. It was good but I'm sure I cooked it way too long.
Protein Shake: I have one of these every morning with my breakfast. I choose to Vanilla,Chocolate and Coffee shakes. I'm not a huge fan of Strawberry so opted out of that one.
These are delicious! And so filling

I did mess up on my first morning and didn't eat my mid morning snack like I have been doing now since day 2. This caused me to be hungrier than normal around lunch time. You can bet I won't forget that mid morning snack anymore

I had Vegetable Beef Soup, which was also yummy. I always heard horrible things about Nutrisystem food but clearly those that have bad things to say haven't tried the foods. I truly haven't found one I didn't like except for the Tuna Salad and the Chef's Table Moroccan Chicken.
I added a salad to my lunch bur forgot my powerful.

Afternoon Snack:
Coffee black with Sugar Free Torani Syrup

OMG dinner! This was so delicious
Whole Wheat Ricotta Crepes from the new Chef's Table line. So light and tasty. Just enough cheese.
a slice of whole wheat bread

Pretzels while I watched shows with my hubs.
and strawberries after dinner

Of course I also drank my 64oz of water so I spent a lot of my day in the bathroom.

I can honestly say that after this week I am on a mission. The food is delicious like I said before and I can incorporate some of my favorites as well. I am staying away from the junk and eating tons more veggies and fruit. My water intake has increases by about 20oz and the greatest part this week:

I LOST 2.6lb!!

I am so proud of myself for really sticking to the Nutrisystem plan like I should. I feel better about myself and am learning how to eat smaller portions and smaller meals through the day instead of binging on junk!

Let's hope week #2 brings the same results!

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** disclosure: Nutrisystem is providing me their program free of charge for my participation in the Nutrisystem Nation Blogging Program **

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Tara Oliver said...

hey wow! congrats on the great weight loss!! I think it's harder to lose weight with kids because you are preparing meals for the rest of the family as well as your own food. so that is a great accomplishment. keep it up!