Monday, March 19, 2012

Why March tears at my heart

{ This is a long post, sorry }

Almost 4 years ago disaster struck our lives.

I was 27 weeks pregnant and just delivered the tiniest baby I had ever seen in my life. Peyton was born April 1,2008 weighing 1lb 15 oz and was 13 1/2 inches long.
My little fighter let out the loudest cry the Dr.'s had ever heard on a premature baby.

During my pregnancy with Peyton I was hit with numerous ailments. I had severe hyperemisis,tested 1:18 that Peyton would have Downs Syndrome,Hellp syndrome and Preeclampsia.

Yes, my pregnancy with Peyton was very rough but it also made me realize just how important 9 months of pregnancy can be.

Somehow my OB missed all of my signs of Preeclampsia.
I had elevated blood pressure, gallbladder problems and slight protein in my urine. How my stupid,horrible previous OB missed these signs I will never know.

I was swollen, had headaches and was miserable.
If I hadn't dragged myself to the ER on March 29,2008 I don't know what would have become.

Upon arriving at the ER my blood pressure was at stroke level { 190/100 } and I was sick as can be.
After waiting an eternity by OB arrives and immediately sends me up to L&D { this was the only good thing that office ever did } She was very angry that I spent about 3 hours in the triage.

I was hooked up to magnesium sulfate, if you have ever had the "mag bag" you know that your insides are burning from the inside out. It is the worst medicine I have ever had in my life. { It also saved my life }

I was then transfered by ambulance to St. Peter's University Hopsital. They have a level 3 NICU.and am amzing High Risk floor.

Most of the details are pretty blurred due to the magnesium sulfate but I do know that on March 31, mu husband and I met with an amazing Neonatologist, Dr. Mark Hiatt. After reviewing my file he suggested that we take a tour of the NICU, just in case.
Little did we know that we would soon be admitted to the NICU.

April 1,2008 my high risk Dr came in, checked me out, hooked me up to the fetal dopplers, gave me breakfast and told me we were hanging in for a few weeks.

While talking to my husband { who was at work in West Orange and surrounding areas. I was in New Brunswick} I gave him the news and told him to continue working,

Not 10 minutes after I hang up with my husband, Peyton's heartrate starts decelerating. Dr comes rushing in telling me that we are delivering NOW!
I was all alone and my husband was well over an hour away. Thank goodness for amazing nurses and Dr.'s at St. Peter's. They held my hand unitl my husband arrived.
I call hubby back, telling him he needs to get to the hospital as fast as he can,because today was the day.

I was wheeled down to the OR prep area, then sent over to the OR for my anesthesia. ALONE.
Although at the time I was angry that the anesthesiologist couldn't get the line in I am very thankful now becasue he held the time up, which then gave my hubs time to get to the hospital.
Isn't it strange how certain things work out.

My husband arrived at the hospital at 12:05 pm {according to the parking garage reciept} and Peyton was born at 12:29pm!

Peyton was diagnosed with IUGR { intrauterine growth restriction}, PDA, ROP, IVH gr4, and needed a chest tube. Not to mention all of the antibiotics and medicines keeping her alive.

We wouldn't be able to hold our baby girl for a whole week!
The first time I held my baby

My discharge day and the first time Branden saw Peyton

teeny feet

Peyton was in the NICU at St. Peter's University Hospital for 66 days. She came home just 3 weeks before my actual due date.

I held my baby in the palm of my hands

Going home!

home in her brothers arms!

This May I will be walking in The Promise Walk for Preeclampsia in Cranford, NJ
I walk for our family and for all the other families affected by this horrible, deady disease!
Please consider joining our team or making a donation.

Peytons 1st birthday
2nd birthday
3rd Birthday

My almost 4 year old!


Tara Oliver said...

WOW. This is quite a story....what a beautiful princess she's turned into!!

Helga said...

Hey Kim.
Your a strong woman... And Peyton is and incredable lil girl... She is growing so fast and so beautifully. God Bless you guys.