Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dripsters {reusable ice pop sponges} Review & GIVEAWAY

DripstersTM are absorbable, non toxic sponges that slide up the ice pop stick to catch the drips. Great for any confection on a stick! No more sticky hands and arms! They come in fun shapes and colors! Choose colorful round or star shapes!

We were sent a 2 pack of Dripsters to review with the kids.
Can I just say that I wish I had found these much sooner?! 

The girls LOVE ice pops but we don't like the mess that occurs with all the drips.

That's where Dripsters come into play. You simply slide one on the stick and watch as the Dripster does it's job, catching all the drips from the ice pops. { you can use with any type of sticky, drippy mess that has a stick}

Dripsters are sold in multi packs

Only $2.59 for a pack of 6
$4.89 for a pack of 12

$7.29 for a pack of 18

$9.49 for a pack of 24
and can be purchased HERE

Dripsters can be found on Facebook

2 Lucky Party of 5 readers will win their own Dripsters set!

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