Thursday, April 19, 2012

The God Box! { Book review }

I was recently sent The God Box by Mary Lou Quinlan to review. While I am NOT a very religious person, The God Box showed me that to relieve some of my stress or feelings I can simply create my own " God Box" to help release the stress or feelings without burdening my husband or family.

About the Book:
When Mary Lou Quinlan started to write The God Box, she hoped to share the remarkable discovery of her mother’s God Boxes filled with wishes and worries. But the more Mary Lou searched the little handwritten notes, the more she realized that, even after death, her mother kept teaching and reaching out. Enjoy this book about growing up as a devoted daughter and her mother’s best friend. See how to create a legacy of love for your own family. Feel the heartache and the uplift of learning to let go.

Below is the book trailer
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The God Box is a wonderful must have book for Mother's Day!
The God Box also makes a great book to leave out on the coffee table for others to enjoy as well.

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