Monday, April 2, 2012

Stop & Shop #NoFeeCoinstar and #CBias

This past week I decided to convert all of our loose change that we keep in a coffee can into some grocery money!

Tossing all of our change into a coffee can really adds up quickly. While our can was not really full it sure was heavy.

I headed over to Stop & Shop to use the No FEE Coinstar and turn our change into a Stop & Shop gift card.

Since I didn't have that much loose change the whole Coinstar experience went pretty quick.

My change going in to be counted.
I have used a Coinstar before but have not in a long time. Normally we just head to our bank because there is no fee involved.
With the new Coinstar you can convert your change into a Stop & Shop gift card for No Fee.
The No Fee program will keep me going back to Stop & Shop to use Coinstar.
Normally there is a 9.85 fee involved. And really who wants there hard earned money taken away, especially given the current economy?! Not me, for sure!

The convenience of turning my change into a Stop & Shop gift card is really great since our Stop & Shop is really right down the street from our house and we always stop there when we need milk { and the other 800 things you pick up when you just need milk!}
Here's a glimpse of my shopping cart. I only needed a few things for my daughters birthday this past weekend so my cart wasn't packed like usual!

No birthday is complete without candles!

and teddy grahams for our Lorax snack

Coinstar and Stop & Shop can both be found on Facebook and Coinstar can be found on Twitter

You can read my Google + post HERE

Disclosure:  “I have been paid (at Coinstar’s request) to try and blog about Coinstar’s products/services as part of a Collective Bias shopper insights study. All opinions are my own.”

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