Sunday, April 22, 2012

Unjunk Your Junk Food Book Review

Unjunk your food is a really awesome book written by Andrea Donsky and Randy Boyer { creators of}.

They wrote the book to provide people with better options. They wanted people to know that if they are going to indulge in a treat, that they can choose from products that don't contain any chemical additives.

I personally always have read the nurtitional panel but never really looked deep into what they all mean, unitl I read Unjunk Your Food

The biggest surprise to me in my cabinet are our Sun-Maid yogurt covered raisins! Oh My!
They contain: partially hydrogenated palm kernal oil{ TRANS FAT!! Can increase bone loss}, titanium dioxide{ identified as a possible cacinogen!!}, vanillin{ atrifical vanilla flavor made from wood pulp! } !

After reading Unjunk Your Food I now have a better understanding of the nutrition facts and the ingredients list.

After all, Unjunk You Food provides a list of  " Scary Seven" ingredients!

" The Scary Seven" :
*HFCS:High Fructose Corn syrup
*Trans Fats: Anything listed as " partionally hydrogenated" or "hydrogenated"
*MSG: monosodium glutamate
*Artificial Flavors: any artificial flavoring
*Atrificial Colors: any time of artificial dyes
*Artificial Sweetners: chemical sweeteners including Aspartame, splenda
* Preservatives: Polysorbate 60,65&80, TBHQ, Sodium Benzonate, BHA, BHT, Sulfur Dioxide

We have decided as a family to try and reduce the amount of "The Seven Scary" in the foods that we eat in our house.

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Tara Oliver said...

This was a good review. Hmmm.....don't know if this is a good book or a bad one (in a good way, ha ha!). :) Thanks!