Sunday, April 1, 2012

Week #2 on Nutrisystem #NSNation See how I did this week

This is week #2 for me on my Nutrisystem journey and it's getting easier than ever.

I have found some favorite foods and even some I'm not crazy about. I am learning portion control and how to measure and weigh my food. I can almost eyeball 1/4 cup of milk { fat free } to add to my coffee and I am feeling really good about myself and am getting closer to my goal.

I am even going to share my weights with you, but only if you pinky promise not to judge :)

starting weight:3/19/12: 203.8lbs
week 1: 3/25/12: 201.2lbs
week 2: 4/1/12: 197lbs

total weight lost : 6.8lbs!!  I finally hit under 200 lbs! Whew, now my next goal is 190lbs.

I am on a mission that's for sure. Hopefully in this next week or so I will start walking again and eventually my goal is to start running again. It's all in due time!

Drinking 64oz of water and having breakfast,lunch and dinner all portioned for me has been a HUGE help in my weight loss so far.
Eating my smart carbs and power fuel keep me going and my protein shake keep me full.

My favorite food from this week was Black Beans and Rice. So good, with just the right spice.

I am hoping next week will be another good week because I did indulge myself a bit on Saturday and Sunday and have birthday cake since it was my daughter's birthday!

Stay tuned to see how I do next week on Nutrisystem!

** disclosure: Nutrisystem is providing me their program free of charge for my participation in the Nutrisystem Nation Blogging Program **


TinRonk said...

good for you kim! keep it up...

Tara Oliver said...

way to go!!