Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Week #4 on Nutrisystem. See how I did this week #NSNation

I am really at a loss as to this past week on Nutrisystem. I gained! WTH!!

For some reason my body always does this to me and I'm not quite sure why. I will loose about 10lbs and then start slowly gaining or staying the same.

I did have McDonalds once this past week but ate way less than I normally would and when I started feeling full I stopped eating.

I drink about 64 oz plus of water every.single.day and I eat my Nutrisystem meals at breakfast,lunch,dinner,dessert. Well, most dinners. I will occasionally find one that I'm not crazy about and eat what the rest of my family is having but I will weigh and measure EVERYTHING!

Some of the meals I am not crazy about are the new ChefsTable meals. Most are a little too spicy for my liking { I am a wuss }. My favorites of the Chefs Table are the whole wheat ricotta crepes., those are delicious!!

I have found that I stick to my favorites a lot such as the Black beans and rice for lunch and the Sweet and Sour chicken at dinner.

This weeks weigh in:
203.8 lbs
- 5.4 lbs
198.4 lbs
148.8 lbs

Next week I need some serious weight loss because I REFUSE to stay this heavy!

** disclosure: Nutrisystem is providing me their program free of charge for my participation in the Nutrisystem Nation Blogging Program **

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