Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Baby Legs Review

So I'm sure if you have littles at home you have heard of Baby Legs by now, right?!

What?! You haven't?! OK, I will give you some details.

The BabyLegs® brand has grown from one mom's diaper bag accessory - our signature leg warmer - to a popular children's brand with essential child and baby products.
In April of 2005, a young mom was confronted with a diaper rash that just wouldn't quit. The rash needed some fresh air to heal, but she was also concerned about keeping her daughter warm. In a moment of inspiration, she snipped the feet off of a pair of socks and fitted her daughter from hip to ankle with a cool set of leg warmers. These leg warmers not only kept her daughter warm, but also protected her from the elements, made diaper changing and potty training easier, and protected her soft knees while crawling. With some fun designs and some grassroots marketing support, the functional and fashionable leg warmers that began as a solution to keep little legs warm quickly became much more.

Baby Legs are seriously the CUTEST things EVER! I used Baby Legs with Olivia when I attempted cloth diapers and even when I went back to 'sposies.
They were really easy and it was nice not to always have to dress Olivia. Just put on a shirt, diaper and some Baby Legs!

I was sent two cute pairs to check out:

Gemstone: Cute Baby Legs with colorful dots
Look how stinkin cute!
Girl's Best Friend: An adorable pink leggin with white polka dots and a bright pink heart on the knees!

We LOVE Baby Legs in our house, but did you know that Baby Legs also has socks, tights, organic fabric as well as the regular Baby Legs? They do!

Baby Legs retails for around $10 and up!

You can also find Baby Legs on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with current promotions!

** Disclosure** The product(s) in this review were provided to me free of cost for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation.

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Christa said...


TinRonk said...

These r super cute my girls love them! :)

TinRonk said...

These r super cute my girls love them! :)