Monday, May 21, 2012

Easywalker June!

Hey june!

Easywalker june

The easywalker june seduces you to go outside and explore the world together with your child.

Compact, because the june is foldable in one movement with the seat in any position, and it fits easily into your car, even in a MINI.

Complete, because everything is thought of. The seat can be reversed, so that you and your baby can face each other. A full carrycot can be mounted, and there is the possibility to mount car seats.

Comfortable, because for both the parent and the child the strong structure and the large seat ensure this. The stroller is easy to manoeuvre and has four air-filled tires which allow you to use the easywalker june on all terrains.

User-friendly, because of its intuitive design everything works how you would expect it to work. With one movement the whole stroller folds together including the seat.

Dutch Design, because of its beautiful curvy lines and functional details. Everything is thought of to the last detail! The sun canopy slides away behind the seat. You can mix and match colours to create your own personal june.

Strong, because of its compact and strong structure. Easy to fold in and out many times during travelling. Equipped for cities and beaches, june will perform superbly on any surface.

Easy, because easy has never been easier with easywalker june.

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