Tuesday, May 1, 2012

LevAqua Showehead Review { giveaway }

Do you long for nice hot showers with a soothing spray? Or is that only in your dreams because you have littles running around? For me it's the dream due to the littles. But after those littles get into bed for the night I know I can unwind with a nice hot soothing shower

Levaqua is a global product development company, integrating over 50 years of combined experience within the home improvement industry.
Our corporate strategy is based on a synergetic approach to product design, creating innovative and appealing solutions that are functional, easy to
use and affordable. We believe that the kitchen and bath environments serve as pivotal junctions within the household and deserve to be designed
and treated as such. Our passion and commitment throughout the years has been directed towards redefining and improving these areas to enable
the most enjoyable, efficient and inspirational experiences for the entire family. After all, the better we feel in our kitchen and bath, the more we are
able to achieve in our lives.

I was sent the Levaqua 5 in. Fixed Showerhead in Chrome to review.

Just look at that showerhead!

Levaqua's OneTouch FH220 gives you unsurpassed control and comfort at your fingertips. Digital technology built inside of the showerhead allows you to easily select from one of 9 digital settings. Choose from 4 invigorating sprays with one touch of a button. Conserve water three ways with Eco Spray, Pause or Timer settings. Set the timer for 5 or 10 minutes and the shower will give you a quick signal when time is up. This unique showerhead features 2 pre-programmed SPA settings, designed to Relax or Energize. Each 5-minute program varies spray patterns to create a luxurious spa experience. Use your shower to its fullest potential with Levaqua's OneTouch FH220.

  • 9 Digitally controlled settings
  • 4 Digitally controlled invigorating spray settings
  • Xlarge 5 in. shower head for a luxurious shower experience
  • One touch pause button, 2 times settings and Eco mode for the ultimate in water saving functions
  • Quality backed up by a 5 year warranty
  • 2 Pre-set shower programs for a relaxing or refreshing experience
  • Installs in seconds and replaces and existing shower head
I really love the eco feature which helps us conserve water, which is a big help since Olivia likes to flush our toilets 900,568,394 times a day, no lie!

My favorite feature is the pulsating massage, it really helps with a sore back which I usually have due to my little mommy's girl always needing mommy.

The shower head comes with batteries and is really easy to install. I did it in under 5 minutes, so if I can do it anyone can :)

Like what you are reading?
I hope so because Levaqua has offered ONE Lucky Party of 5 reader the chance to win their own Levaqua shower head like the one featured above!!

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Mary Starr said...

I would love this!

Christa said...

One of my favorite things to do is take a shower or bath to unwind and relax. This shower head sounds awesome!

CAJUNMAN12 said...

I really need this

Tara Oliver said...

hm, I don't see that pesky Rafflecopter form working..... :)

clc408 said...

When is Rafflecopter showing up?

Dealsfan32 said...

Favorite feature is Maximum flow optimization technology


latanya said...

9 Digitally controlled settings

Christa said...

I love that everything is at the touch of a button and you can save money!

Christa said...
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Christa said...
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Christa said...
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Vanessa Coker said...

Love the flow regulator!

Mayla Moore said...

I like that it has a timer.

Wendy Rozema said...

I like that it has an eco mode for water saving!!

Natalie S said...

Eco mode and a timer!

Amy said...

That looks so relaxing!

eastman520 said...

Digital touch controls!

Laura Jacobson said...

I love that it has the Eco mode for the ultimate in water saving functions!
landfjacobson @ charter.net

Angela H said...

I love that is has digital touch controls.

Anne N. said...

I like you can pause it.