Sunday, May 13, 2012

School Zone Review { GIVEAWAY }

I was sent 2 products from School Zone to use at home with Ms. Peyton. Since our town has a lottery for pre-school and you have to pay like $180 a week, she's not going!

Our kindergarten is half day and while she has a year left until she can go I wanted to start her off at least knowing { hopefully } how to write her name.

We were sent the Alphabet Fun Flash Cards

Fun Features & Big Benefits
• Access code for Golden Scholar Club free online gift
• 52 Flash Cards, 3 Index Cards
• Wacky, colorful pictures with each letter
• Double-sided cards with letter and picture on one side
and letter and word on the other side
• Letters written in bold, block-style
• Thick, glossy cardstock
• Rounded corners for easy sorting
• Includes Parent Card with game ideas
• Lots of learning for a low price!
Skills: alphabet; letters; letter-picture recognition; word-picture recognition; spelling; eye-hand coordination; focus

and a Super Deluxe Alphabet Workbook

Fun Features & Big Benefits
• Playful, full-color page format
• Multiple illustrations on every page
• Instructions written in clear, block-style
• Perforated pages great for individual worksheets
• Concept and skill focus listed at bottom corner of each page
• Easy-to-follow instructions on every page
• Parent Guide inside front cover
• Certificate of Achievement inside back cover
• Affordable learning

Skills: recognizing uppercase & lowercase letters; writing uppercase & lowercase letters; alphabetical order; beginning letter sounds

Peyton is having a blast trying to master letter A. Yep, that's as far as we have gotten because my silly girl likes to fool around.

I hope to slowly make our way through the book by the end of summer!

We like that the book has nice big pictures and letters for our girl.

One Lucky Party of 5 reader is going to win their own download able app from School Zone! Kindergarten Pencil-Pal: Learning Game { geared towards ages 4-6 }

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Mayla Moore said...

The Big Second Grade Workbook would be great for my oldest son.

Anne N. said...

I like the Super Flash Action Math.

Carmen Van Deursen said...

Preschool workbook