Monday, May 7, 2012

Strolling into Spring Event: BOB Revolution SE Review

 Only TWO more strollers left in this awesome series!

  Today I bring to you a BOB Revolution SE

    As soon as Mr.BOB as I like to call him arrived I tore into that box! I have been dying for one of these bad boys for a LONG time. Someone said today that BOB is the Christian Grey of strollers! { thanks K.R. for the great analogy }

I received the BOB Revolution SE in orange to test out with the kiddos.
The BOB Revolution SE was really easy to put together. I simply inserted the wheels into the correct hole and closed the lever.
inserting the rear wheels is a breeze!

front swivel wheel. can be locked as well

That was it! Seriously! I think it took me all of 5 minutes to assemble. It took longer to get it out of the box :)

The BOB Revolution SE comes standard with the 5 point harness

The BOB Revolution also has a nice sized storage basket. It's not huge but it is a nice size.

the mesh area is also a storage area! light blankets fit nicely

As you can see in the pictures above the basket like I said is a nice size. The red handle you see is how to fold up the stroller. It is SUPER easy. You can see how easy in my video!

One of my favorite features is the brake system, I like one that is easy to use but very good. The BOB has BOTH of those

Simply push down on the red area and it's braked! It won't budge!

On each side of the BOB Revolution SE there are little mesh pockets which are great for the kids sippy cups and a little snack.

Check out the suspension system, which can be adjusted since BOB's recommended weight is up to 70lbs!!

My only real complaint is that I wish there were more reflective areas for  those night walks/jogs.
Other than that I truly love the BOB Revolution SE.
My 2 year old in the BOB Revolution SE

Oh, and the fact that you have to buy all the accessories separately. That drives my Hubs crazy, me not so much. I do wish there was a standard cup holder as well.

The BOB Revolution SE is super easy to maneuver even in tight spaces, which really surprised me.

The Party of 5 family loves the BOB Revolution SE so much so that we are looking into a BOB Duallie { twin BOB } so that I can finally get back to running!

Check out my review of the BOB Revolution SE!!

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Whitney said...

Wow! I LOVE it. It looks so well designed. With so many jogger strollers out there it's nice to read a good review so I know which one to buy.

Kim said...

It's amazing!!

Bonnie Way said...

Several of our friends have these strollers and love them. I've always liked the way that they look. And they seem to handle very easily. If I were buying a new stroller, I'd probably seriously consider a BOB. :)