Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Week #10 on @Nutrisystem and a almost 12lb weight loss!!

Honestly, I didn't expect to loose anything after my gain last week. I have fallen off track with the Holidays and just being busy in general.

But when I stepped on the scale I was pleasantly surprised that I lost another 2.8lbs!

Over the holiday weekend we were SUPER busy here getting the outside of our home beautiful. That included pressure washing the house, patio included and pulling the 9 million weeds in the yard. All of that work mixed with the heat over the weekend helped.

Running has dwindled since my husband was working nights and well let's face it I'm a slacker!
I WILL be getting back into it next week, infact I have scheduled a date with BOB!!

I did stick with my protein shakes and lunch bars but dinner was the usual BBQ foods. I will say that Nutrisystem has taught me what a normal portion should be and I have been really good at measuring and sticking to my portions.

The Fudge Graham Bar is my FAVORITE!!
Look how yummy!!! mmmm 

Ok ok I'll come clean, I ate almost a half a bag of Doritos last night :(

And I am paying for it, I feel SICK! Gross!!

I can't wait to see how I do in the following weeks! I see 20lbs GONE FOREVER in my NEAR future!!

My Weight Loss Progress:

203.8 lbs

- 11.6 lbs

192.2 lbs

148.8 lbs

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Mary Starr said...

Doritos are my downfall!! You are doing great! Much better than me, I fell completely off the weight loss wagon. I am very proud of you!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey there my friend! So proud of you! It is a constant battle but it will be sooooo worth it in the end. Even if you fall, pick yourself right back up. Dont beat yourself up, just get back to it. We can be eachother's sponsers. I literally texted my mom the other night to talk me out of eating choc cake and pizza. I watched music videos with gorgeous curvy woman (healthy) and talking to my mom completely turned me off to wanting to eat. I just kept thinking I could look like that as long as I dont eat that choc cake and pizza. I drank some water and made myself go to bed. So sad how badly addicted I am to food, but happy I was able to say NO! I love you no matter what size you are, but would like for both of us to lose what we need to lose and go on a make-over show like Rachael Ray or something lol. "Best friends lose X amount of lbs together" Good luck! <3