Friday, May 25, 2012

Week #9 on @Nutrisystem #NSNation

Last week was not a great one. We were so busy and between Mother's Day and everything else going on I flippin gained 2lbs!!

I have been trying to exercise and stick to the Nutrisystem plan which I do during the day, my main problem is at night when my son has baseball and we have places to go. Dinner has been something quick that we grab on the run a few times too often in the past weeks.

I do try to shy away from my "old habits" while eating out and choosing much healthier { if thats possible while eating fast food } options. Smaller fries { if I get them } and 1 burger instead of two.

I'm in a rut and I'm DYING to get out.

I also have been PMSing and that is really where my weakness falls. I CRAVE sweets and LOTS of em, not to mention the salty after!

I am very nervous about the scale numbers next week as well.

Here's to getting my butt back on track!

Here is my current weigh status:

203.8 lbs

- 8.8 lbs

195.0 lbs

148.8 lbs

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TinRonk said...

Good job! Its certaining not an easy task; stick with it!!!