Monday, May 21, 2012

Zipit Bedding Review { and a discount code! }

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Party of 5 was sent zipit bedding to review. Since Branden is 10, his room is ALWAYS a mess and the bed NEVER made. 

This tends to drive me a little bonkers due to the fact that his room is right off of the kitchen and I see it multiple times a day. 

Being the lazy pre teen that he is, I often have to go and make his bed because his idea of making his bed is tossing the comforter on the floor and pulling the sheet all the way to the top of the mattress. That is if the sheet is anywhere to be found!

That's where zipit bedding comes in! It's such ans awesome idea, you just know it came from a MOM!! 

See, told you it was a mom! 

Anyhow, zipit bedding is super easy:

*Make and change the bed in seconds. Really it took me a few minutes because I had 3 kids in my way but I'm sure even the 10 year old could do it in seconds!

*Wash and fit to your bed as one! Seriously greatest invention EVER! so easy to make the bed!

*Kids stay tucked in and warm at night. this may pose to be a problem for Branden once it gets warmer out since he is always flinging sheets and blankets EVERYWHERE! Think sleeping bag: everything all zippered up!

*Fun and interactive for kids. the boys pattern has blues, greens, black, white, orange and greys in it and is very suitable for most ages. I am sure once Branden hits 12 this may be a bit "babyish" for him.  It features video controllers, aliens, dinosaurs, trophies etc!

*Super soft and durable. Oh yes, right out of the box the set was nice and soft. after a wash it was even softer!

Check out my pictures to get an insight of this great invention

and here is Branden's bed MADE!!! holy crow! 

I seriously and going to buy two of these for when the girls go into twin size beds! 

Oh, I forgot to mention zipit bedding comes in TWO sizes: Twin and full! Hubby wishes it came in queen so I would quit stealing all the covers! hehe

Here is a video from the zipit website:

Now, aren't you impressed? I know I was and so was Branden!

Don't forget the code at the top of the post! 

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Christa said...

Wow, this bedding looks amazing...wish they had some adult patterns, lol.