Saturday, June 30, 2012

Good N Plenty Restaurant Lancaster, PA Review

Good 'N Plenty Restaurant is proud to serve a unique dining experience since 1969. At Good 'N Plenty, we are pleased to offer our guests family style dining, menu dining, a takeout program, an award winning bake shop and an extensive gift shop. Bring family, friends and neighbors to enjoy our traditional Lancaster County home cooking. See and taste why we have been chosen as one of AAA's Top Ten BEST "down home dining" restaurants in North America as well as voted "the best" local PA Dutch restaurant for 17 years. We look forward to serving you!!

Party of 5 had the opportunity to dine at Good N Plenty Restaurant in Smokestown, PA during our recent trip to Lancaster, PA. 

My Mother in Law and her family have been there plenty { no pun intended } of times in the past and I have always heard them RAVE about the food. I NEEDED to try for myself. 

OH. MY. WORD!! I wish Good N Plenty was so much closer. The food was simply delicious. Homemade goodness. You could actually taste the love that was poured int o the food. 

We chose to eat Family Style. For those that don't know what family style is, it's a big long table where you sit with other families and big platters of food are brought out to share.

The night we went on the menu was pot roast with an amazing gravy, brown butter noodles, sweet corn, homemade mashed potatoes, fried chicken, pork sausage and beets. I ate WAY more than I should have and enjoyed every single bite. The meat was so tender and the food was PERFECTLY salted and flavored. I am actually drooling as I type this thinking about our meal.

I only managed to snap a few pictures before my battery died :(
cottage cheese, butter, and apple butter


chow chow omg, so yummy

fried chicken

Good N Plenty also has a bakery downstairs where you can purchase chow chow, apple butter and the oh so yummy shoofly pie! The BEST part?! I can order ONLINE!!! My hubby is in SO much trouble!!

I of course purchased some apple butter, it is the BEST that I have ever had before. Hubby was jealous that he wasn't with us on our trip because he has talked about Good N Plenty a zillion times in the 13 years we have been together. I thought it was only fair I bring him home his favorite!

Pricing is amazing for the amount of food you get. If you need more it is always readily available. 

Let's talk desserts: Here's where my battery died :( 

We were served homemade ice cream, shoofly pie { which is AMAZING btw}, apple crumb and a cracker pudding. Everything was so yummy and tasted fresh! 

Party of 5 CANNOT wait to get back to Good N Plenty. 

I HIGHLY suggest if you are in the Lancaster, PA area that you stop at Good N Plenty Restaurant for some family style dinner. Oh, if family style isn't your thing you can also order off of the menu style dining. But I think family style is the way to go.

** disclaimer: Party of 5 received complimentary dinner in exchange for our opinion. All opinions and photos are my own**

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